「これ、カバーでしょ? 若い外国の女の子ふたり。

oh oh we’re in trouble
somthing’s come along and it’s burst our bubble
oh oh we’re in trouble
gotta get home quick march on the double
we’ve been out all night and we haven’t been home
we’re walking through the backstreets all alone
the party was great, yeah, we were really thrilled
but when we get home we’re gonna get killed
we would have got a cab but we ain’t got no money
we missed the last train but we thought don’t worry
we’ll get the night bus but the night bus never came
we’re eight miles from home and it’s starting to
oh oh we’re in trouble
book us a ticket on the next space shuttle
tried to steal a car but we soon realised
when we got down the road none of us could drive
a police car came along and took us for a ride
and when we get home we’re gonna get,gonna get, fried